"To make the most of your stay, we have prepared some meal suggestions to help you delight in the local cuisine"
Marek Lewandowski, the host and a traveller.
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In order to place an order call us at:
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By czas upływał jeszcze milej, przygotowaliśmy dla Was kilka propozycji zaczerpniętych prosto z lokalnej kuchni.

Basket with local products

For breakfast and supper we strongly recommend ordering a basket of organic products that are grown and supplied by local farmers and producers. The basket includes:

Freshly baked bread – like from your grandma's kitchen, savoury and crunchy, made on sourdough, prepared by Patrycja, who lives in Przesieki, a neighboring village
Rural eggs – laid by happy hens of our neighbor, Edyta, from Mostniki, you must not underestimate the role of two roosters, whose crowing can be heard in the morning 

Butter, cottage cheese, yoghurt, milk – dairy products obtained from a small certified organic farm called Farma Pod Świerkami Przetwory Mleczne. They are real rarities. The milk comes from cows grazing on juicy, green meadows near the mouth of the Drawa River that flows into the Noteć River.   

Vegetable spreads – flavors of the spreads vary depending on the season, which guarantees that they are always aromatic and fresh, prepared by Viola from Głusko 

Honey – liquid sweetness from uncle Boguś’s apiary located in Krzyż Wielkopolski 

Jam – without preservatives, from the best sun-ripened local fruit, from Edyta's garden 

Homemade lard – with roasted apples and onions, prepared by Viola from Głusko 

Cold ham – rustic cold cuts from a local producer from Człopy 

Cake – freshly baked with local, seasonal ingredients by Viola from Głusko

Juice – freshly pressed, from Hamrzysko 

Fruits and vegetables – fresh, organic and full of vitamins, these vary depending on the season, grown on the neighboring farms

Apart from breakfast baskets, we also offer frozen dumplings and jars with delicacies from the Potrawy znad Drawy restaurant, which offers home-made dishes. The offer includes:

Gourmet Bigos 0,9l – 80 PLN
Excellent sour soup, 0,9l - 70 PLN

In order to place an order call us at: 
+48 734 433 220 
+48 506 109 229